As a former Burgundian winemaker, Ray’s vision is to focus on the unique details and signatures that result from a numerous collection of factors.

Saint Cloud isn’t about presenting a “house style” to consumers. Each barrel may share similarities with other barrels. However, details as small as the thickness of the barrel staves, the age of the tree used to make the barrel, the location of the barrel during maturation, amongst other things will lead to completely different expressions in the finished product. Factory-based products aim to have consistency. There is a perceived value in having a style that is replicated with each new release. With Saint Cloud, the value is with embracing these variables that lead to individual expressions. In this way, we are aiming to allow the voice and wishes of the specific barrel to have complete freedom of expression.

Why Barrel Proof?

Our focus is with barrel proof expressions. During the fermentation and distillation process, there are oils which are produced. These oils can be sensed in the tasting of bourbons that retain their higher alcohol content and are bottled without filtration. Brilliant bourbons have been bottled after being proofed down to lower alcohol levels, only to have their expressions rendered angular, rigid, and sharp. Higher proof bourbons that aren’t filtered retain the roundness and seamlessness that can only be experienced if bourbons have been bottled without extensive intervention. With this in mind, a higher prof bourbon can present itself with complete complexity with the finesse thought only to be possible with lower proof whiskies. 

Neat or On the Rocks?

At Saint Cloud, we believe that there is great value in bringing an unfiltered, complete experience to our consumers.

This is why we focus on bottling our bourbons as single barrel expressions, without filtration or dilution. With that said, Saint Cloud is all about the consumer, and whatever makes you excited! Neat, on the rocks, in a cocktail, it's all up to you. Our Bourbon is such a flexible spirit that we are sure that however you serve your Saint Cloud, it will be a memorable experience!

Wine & Bourbon - 

How are they connected?

Balance isn’t something that is thought about enough in the world of bourbon. With wine, it is essential, especially with French wine. As a former winemaker in Burgundy, France, our founder focuses on balance on a key foundational aspect of the expressions destined to wear a Saint Cloud label. Richness, depth of flavors, aromatic presence and mouthfeel are also included in the consideration of which barrels will be brought into our portfolio. Though, it is the overall balance that is above all other aspects which pulls in our excitement. This is the foundation of Saint Cloud, sharing a perspective from the winemaking career of our founder. Along with this foundation, we loved to release bourbons that we believe break these molds, while delivering individual aspects that will present as unbalanced, asymmetrical. It is this aspect that we especially believe to be beautiful. We embrace this chaos, the natural poetry that can best be experienced while being free of constraints and filters. We not only allow for this freedom of expression, we encourage it. 

Saint Cloud Cocktails

Saint Cloud specializes in releasing singular expressions of Kentucky Straight Bourbon. We believe that the best way to see what makes Saint Cloud special is to enjoy it neat, or simply on the rocks. Saint Cloud also does an excellent job as the highlight of cocktails. We have put together a signature cocktail list that we feel showcases unique aspects of our bourbon, while exploring exciting ways of experiencing Saint Cloud. We feel that you will enjoy all of these selections!

Vision & Execution 

Saint Cloud is committed to bringing our vision 
from concept and design directly to production 
without compromise.

The bourbon inside of our bottles have been selected, matured and bottled while keeping exacting standards as our guiding point. Our design is also something that we feel sets us apart. We don’t believe in making concessions due to a specific production budget in mind. Those that experience Saint Cloud will experience our complete vision. We aren’t looking to compete with other brands, especially on price. We believe that the value in Saint Cloud is to provide something unique, unobtainable with other brands. We have no desires to deliver 90% of our potential in order to lower costs to the consumer. The idea is to shoot toward the highest levels of quality, free from any limitations. This is a foundational belief of Saint Cloud.  

Art & Design

The Art and feel of our brand is a collection of singular expressions. We are disruptive in our approach, intentional by design. There is power in art and design. Our goal with design is to be evocative, graceful, and above everything else, dynamic. Aesthetics contribute no small amount to the way that an object makes someone feel. Most of these feelings aren’t something that can be explained. Beyond that, it can be difficult to put your finger on what specific aspects provide these emotions to you in the first place. The lines; curves; colors; textures; and perceived qualities along with visual weight of something can be striking. These details communicate volumes of information about value, beauty, elegance and more. Our goal is to provide an intriguing proposition to anyone that experiences our packaging. If a bottle is seen across the room, on social media, held in person, or otherwise, our design communicates endless cues about that experience that awaits them once the bottle is opened.